Toward Learning Organizations: Integrating Total Quality Control and Systems Thinking


Total Quality Control and systems thinking have complementary strengths that can greatly enhance an organization’s ability to improve its performance. How? Through a more balanced learning process. As Daniel Kim explains in this volume, the integration of TQC and systems thinking provides the synergistic boost that can help your company assert its competitiveness.

This integration also shows you how to build the foundation for a new kind of organization – a learning organization, where front-line people work in self-managed groups, managers develop their research skills and take on the role of theory-builders, and leaders become more like philosophers who inspire the human spirit. At the core of any learning organization lie learning systems and processes firmly rooted in the two disciplines of TQC and systems thinking. Read this volume in our “Innovations in Management Series” to see how – together – these disciplines provide a powerful method for change.

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