Barry Brownstein


Barry Brownstein’s teaching and research interests cut across economics and leadership. He is known for his quality innovative teaching and has received numerous teaching awards. He is passionate about guiding students towards the most fulfilling form of learning there is—personal discovery and insight. The common thread in his work is looking at barriers—internal and external—to healthy economies and effective leadership. Brownstein believes we often externalize our organizational and economic problems. We look for external solutions when the solution is becoming more aware of our dysfunctional beliefs. His newest book The Inner-Work of Leadership: A Guide to Personal and Organizational Transformation has been described as “invaluable,” “inspirational and practical,” and by one CEO as “one of the most important books I have read.” When he is not in front of a computer or a classroom, you may find Dr. Brownstein on a hiking trail.

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The Downside of the “Prevent Defense”

In the American game of football, there is a strategy that teams often employ in the fourth and last quarter—the “prevent defense.” If their…