Bernard J. Mohr

Bernard J. Mohr


Bernard J. Mohr is the author of over 75 books, articles, chapters and journal issues dealing with collaborative design and innovation of organizational cultures, structures and systems that are economically sustainable and worthy of commitment from their employees and communities. For almost forty years, in the US, Central America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, Canada and the Middle East, he has worked in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, education and government using large group, strength based processes, dynamic evaluation, and generative organization design. As one of one of the original pioneers in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, he is co-inventor of the Innovation Summit and co-created the NTL Institute Certificate in Appreciative Inquiry and has served as Dean of those programs.

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Appreciative Inquiry: Igniting Transformative Action

In the streets of Seattle, Washington, last year, the world witnessed a striking expression of social concern. An array of highly disparate groups —…