Carla Kimball

Carla Kimball


In the information overload of today’s e-world, authenticity and presence are rapidly emerging as essential cornerstones of excellence in business. RiverWays Enterprises has evolved over the past 13 years as a manifestation of Carla Kimball’s vision of our full potential as effective, interactive, and expressive human beings. Carla incorporates stress management and presencing techniques in order to deliver truly unique public speaking programs. She has developed a suite of integrated programs tools to help clients overcome fears, project more confidence and cultivate the type of leadership presence so essential in today’s world. Specialties:Leadership presence, speaking presence, embodied presence, living life with presence, yoga, tai chi, meditation, photography, self-confidence, empowerment, art of hosting, public speaking, overcoming fear of public speaking, keynote speaker

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Engaging the Whole Person in Conversation

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