Caroline Fu

Caroline Fu


Dr. Fu brings to the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies years of academic involvement but also the experience gained of applied leadership in the corporate world. In her words “With my earlier academic training in physics, engineering, computer sciences, whole system design, and system dynamics, I am dedicated to blending hard and soft sciences into cohesive oneness.” She has used her own experience growing up in China and attending school in Japan to use Tao philosophy to tap into metaphysics to explain the bonds linking diverse scientific disciplines. Her early technical career included applied research fields of computer sciences, physics, and engineering. It includes research in laser fusion, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, natural language processing, robotics, machine learning, data mining, and neural networks. She has been involved in whole systems design, systems dynamics, and systems thinking and identifies with the theories of Argyris, Bohm, Forrester, Prigogine, Senge, Sterman, and Vaill for leadership decision making and learning. Her publications include 35 technical papers and speeches in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, speech recognition, and acoustics and 20 articles and presentations on leadership transformation including co-authoring “The Tao of Value Leadership and the Power of Interdependence,” a chapter of a book titled Power and Interdependence (2008) being published by Cambridge University Press, Dr. Fu earned a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University in 2008. Her dissertation, Energy-Flow—A New Perspective on James MacGregor Burns’ Transforming Leadership: A New Pursuit of Happiness She has additional graduate degrees in Whole Systems Design, Organization Systems Renewal, Leadership, and Transformation, and Computer Sciences.

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