Charles Alday

Charles Alday


Work in 2010 is focused on human factors management plans for pipelines. Already have consulting engagements scheduled with companies in USA and China. Will be presenting papers at several pipeline conferences. Professional goal is to help companies address the risks from fatigue, inadequate comunications, and poorly managed changes. Charles Alday is the Founder and Principal Consultant with Alday Consulting Services, Inc. Before beginning the consulting firm, Charles was Operational Excellence Manager with Colonial Pipeline Company. Charles worked for Colonial Pipeline Co. for thirty years and has worked n the pipeline industry for forty-three years. He also is a Principal of Pipeline Performance Group, a partnership with Dr. Michele Terranova. This partnership focuses on human factors consulting. Charles has experience in pipeline construction, operations, maintenance, management, and consulting. For the last six years of his career, he worked with people and teams in all parts of the organization with Colonial’s Operational Excellence program — designed to eliminate pipeline leaks, spills, and errors. He received an award for “creating, sustaining, and maintaining operational excellence,†which he shared with all the people on the frontlines who do the hard work. His primary responsibilities were: the Conduct of Operations, Lessons Learned program, Incident Management, Performance Measures, and Organizational Development activities. He worked with persons and groups to enhance safety culture, human factors knowledge and applications, risk management, and corporate performance. Charles also served on many cross-functional teams as a leadership consultant and team effectiveness coach at Colonial. He is often asked to make speeches and presentations about all these subjects. Charles has made presentations for: API Control Room Forum, Georgia Pipeline Safety Seminar, Society for Effective Lessons Learned Shared (SELLS), Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Symposium, Pipeliners Club of Atlanta, Systems Safety Society, Pipeline Contractors Roundtable Group, International Society for Performance Improvement, the American Petroleum Institute Pipeline Conference, and Systems Thinking in Action Conference. He has led workshops about storytelling in business, interdependence in systems, team dynamics, operational excellence, soft skills for hard workers, safety culture, the Dirty Dozen causes of accidents, and error prevention. He is a member of these organizations: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Usability Professionals Association, Society for Organizational Learning, Pipeliners Club, SELLS, International Society for Performance Improvement, Just Culture Community, Southeastern Association of Facilitators, Toastmasters, and Organizational Change Alliance. Charles is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee with a BBA degree in Accounting and a BA degree in Philosophy. He also has a Seminary Extension degree in Educational Ministries. In May of 1999, he received an MBA degree from Kennesaw State University. Charles and his wife, Charlotte, have two adult sons and one granddaughter. Charles has done volunteer work with teenagers for many years.

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