Charles Kiefer

Charles Kiefer


Charles Kiefer is a Lecturer in Corporate Entrepreneurship at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is also president and founder of Innovation Associates, Inc., a pioneer among consultancies in bringing demonstrated innovation performance results, initially to technology-based companies and now serving multinationals across industries. Along with Peter Senge, author of the landmark management best seller The Fifth Discipline, Innovation Associates helped establish the concepts and methods that would become known as “organizational learning,” enabling large organizations to evolve from being driven by circumstance and managed through compliance to revitalization through aspiration and deep commitment. Most recently, Mr. Kiefer and Len Schlesinger (President Emeritus of Babson College) developed concepts based on the logic and methods of serial entrepreneurs to create the future in the face of extreme uncertainty. Mr. Kiefer supports global companies’ executives and their teams in leveraging the human side of their enterprise, to improve the quality of their thought. His extensive experience with major multinational corporations and success in his own ventures confers him with an uncommon business-oriented perspective to human-resource issues. In his consulting engagements, Mr. Kiefer steers clients to most effectively manage both the technical (“hard”) and human (“soft”) aspects of change, creating more-flexible operations and collaboration across traditional hierarchies, towards discovery and successful execution of new business opportunities. Mr. Kiefer grew up in Arlington, Virginia, holds degrees in physics and in management from MIT, and has served on the staff of the United States Senate, in the MIT Administration, and as an officer of the management consultancy Arthur D Little. He has authored four books and numerous articles on entrepreneurship and insight. He lives with his wife near Boston. His three children are all entrepreneurs (and, most days, love it).

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