David Huffman

David Huffman


Dave has 25+ years experience helping top teams understand, develop and implement new strategic directions, define new offerings and make hard organizational choices. He has advised organizations of all sizes, and worked for, led or founded multiple startups. More recently, he has also worked with non-profit, foundation and government sector clients. His approach is around building the leadership context and capacity to leverage the wisdom and power within the team. Dave has been an international management consultant, strategy practice leader, business developer and entrepreneur, contributing a rich set of perspectives to Groupaya’s highly integrative approach. As a member of the Groupaya team, he helps clients weave process and content together to tap the strengths of a team and successfully deliver outcomes. Prior to Groupaya, Dave founded and led Linkify, an enterprise collaboration services company, and drove business development for two prior high tech startups. Dave’s entrepreneurial phase provided many hard won lessons, including an appreciation for mastering team dynamics and an intuitive understanding of the business leader’s perspective. Before his entrepreneurial career, Dave led the Business Strategy Practice in North America for PA Consulting Group, a 3000+ professional global consulting firm headquartered in London. In this and prior roles with PA, Dave worked with Global 100 companies in a range of strategy-related disciplines, including competitive strategy, new offering development, acquisition analysis, scenario-based planning, multi-stakeholder partnerships and planning process design. Past and present clients include: IBM, AT&T, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Lucent, FMC, Barclays Bank, Pacific Telesis, Ssangyong, Southwestern Bell, Ciba Corning, T-Mobile, AMP, Bellcore, Comcast Cellular, a cleantech venture fund, a major outcomes-driven foundation, the Delta Conservancy, and environmental NGOs Global Footprint Network and Carpe Diem West. Dave received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Applied Economics and is a voracious learner. He is currently pursuing certification in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching and is on a lifelong journey of refining his facilitation and coaching skills.

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