David Pearce Snyder

David Pearce Snyder


David Pearce Snyder (snyderfam1@aol.com) has been in the forecasting business for more than 30 years, serving as the Lifestyles editor of The Futurist magazine for nearly two decades. He has compiled a database of trends and projections that he uses to create detailed scenarios—” instant preplays”—of the most probable combinations of economic, technologic, and social realities that specific industries, institutions, or individual communities or nations are likely to encounter during the next five to 15 years. He is principal partner of the Snyder Family Enterprise and has written two books and dozens of articles and reports on the future of major institutions and industries.

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“Complexipacity”: Reinventing Information Work to Enhance Productivity

An estimated 175,000 patents were granted to the U.S. last year, including more than 25,000 software patents (a new record). Concomitantly, more than 2,500…