David Rooke

David Rooke


David is Director of Harthill Consulting, which he co-founded in 1985. Since that time he has been working to develop ever more wise and capable leadership within organisations. Inquiry lies at the heart of his work – he believes as contexts and people change, what is useful can only be understood and improved through explorations that move fluidly between the personal, the relational and the systemic. Leadership certainly comes from within, and its impact should be systemic. He is highly regarded for his work, with others, in developing and applying the Leadership Development Framework to leadership and organisational transformations. David has published several books including Personal and Organisational Transformations and has co-written the award winning Seven Transformations of Leadership article for Harvard Business Review. This article is included in HBR’s ’10 Must Reads’ on leadership. Before founding Harthill, he worked at Bristol Business School. With Harthill, he has worked with leaders from organisations such as Fujitsu, Danone, Shell, Hewlett Packard, Volvo, Eli Lilly and Microsoft. David holds a degree in Politics and History (Kent University) and an M.A. in Management Learning (Lancaster University).

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