Deborah Reidy

Deborah Reidy


Deborah Reidy, M.Ed., PCC is founder and president of Reidy Associates, a coaching and consulting service established in 1996. Reidy Associates supports leaders and their organizations to succeed in complex and uncertain environments. Clients work in state and federal government, industry, community organizations, and nonprofits. Recent clients include the Department of Defense, Airbus Group, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and many state agencies and nonprofits. Since the early 1980s, Ms Reidy has been designing and facilitating training events, with a particular focus on leadership development. She holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education and is well versed on current research on how adults learn, drawn from the field of neuroscience. With a decades-long background in adult learning, training and group facilitation, she infuses a coaching approach to group learning into her workshops. She is co-chair of the governing council of the Society for Organizational Learning North America (SoL NA), a founding contributor to the SoL Coaching Community of Practice and the Consulting Convergence. In 2012, she published a book on leadership for families of people with disabilities entitled Why Not Lead?, based on her highly successful leadership development programs.

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