Gene Bellinger

Gene Bellinger


Gene has been a passionate Systems Thinker for almost four decades. He is highly respected member of the systems thinking community, the author of several hundred articles, and over 700 videos, on Systems Thinking, and a member of the System Dynamics Society. In 2013 Gene coauthored Beyond Connecting the Dots: Modeling for Meaningful Results with Scott Fortmann-Roe, the developer of Insight Maker. Gene currently hosts the Systems Thinking World discussion group on LinkedIn, a group of ~20,000 members focused on developing a better understanding of, and employing systems thinking principles. Gene is also the developer of the Systems-Thinking and SystemsWiki websites. He has also been a major contributor to the development of Insight Maker, a web based modeling and simulation environment, and Kumu, a web based relationship mapping environment. Presently Gene is activity engaged in developing the Systems Thinking World Kumu e-Learning Environment (STW KeLE) and the Systems Thinking World Group on Facebook.

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