Jim Concelman

Jim Concelman


Vice President, Leadership Development, Development Dimensions International (DDI) Mr. Concelman, for more than 20 years, has helped organizations identify, develop and strengthen their leadership talent through comprehensive leadership development systems. Prior to this appointment in 2005, Mr. Concelman served as a senior consultant and manager of Research and Product Development for DDI. Recently, Mr. Concelman’s research and consulting has focused on equipping frontline leaders and middle managers to drive strategy execution and employee engagement. Mr. Concelman has written a number of articles for national and industry publications, such as “Creating a Culture for Engagement” in Workforce Performance Solutions magazine, an article on the importance of, and best practices for, creating higher levels of employee engagement, as well as white papers on topics such as talent management and building a leadership pipeline. Mr. Concelman has presented at numerous industry conferences on leadership development issues.

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