John Shibley

John Shibley


For the last 30 years I have been helping organizations and their leaders become more the way they say they want to be – and when they don’t know what they want to be, helping them figure that out.

This work goes by many names – strategic planning, total quality, systems thinking, facilitation, innovation, group coaching… the buzz words pile up like cord wood. They are all good approaches, and I use them all, but the question at the center of my work is really simple – what do you want to be?

I am a lead consultant in EmcArts’ Innovation Lab for the Performing Arts, which I helped develop during my 4 years as EmcArts’ Director of Organizational Learning. Clients through this program include the Apollo Theatre, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Urban Bush Women, The Wooster Group, The Civilians and the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), among others. I have worked as an evaluator and strategic coach on innovation projects with Berkeley Repertory Theatre, the LA Music Center, MOCA Cleveland and the James Irvine Foundation.

Other clients over the years have included the New York City and Los Angeles school systems, companies like Harley Davidson, General Electric and L.L. Bean, and the Vancouver (CAN) Island Health Authority and Brown University. I was a fellow of the Mellon Foundation Orchestra Forum, and have taught at the MIT Senior Executive Program and at the Shambala Leadership Institute. I was a founder of the Society for Organizational Learning and have published articles on systems dynamics and organizational learning.

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