Jonathan Gilburg

Jonathan Gilburg


As a keen observer of human relationships, Jonathan has learned (through much trial and error), what it takes to turn a group of people into a high functioning team. He uses practical, experiential methods to support individuals and groups in claiming their purpose, leveraging their strengths, and gently managing their limitations to accomplish great things.

Jonathan’s personal stories range from: coaching the high school athletics team to a national championship—in Papua New Guinea; teaching at-risk youth how to thrive in the Everglades — in canoes; and guiding a group of corporate professionals to embrace their life’s purpose — in a board room. The underlying themes linking these stories feed Jonathan’s enthusiasm for his work, illustrating time and again the innate ability of humans to connect with each other around common purpose, to care for others, to express one’s passion for life, and to demonstrate a healthy discipline for accountability and targeted action.

Jonathan’s most important credentials are his experiences in multiple environments serving as a leader whose primary job has been to help others become better leaders: Peace Corps Volunteer, Customer Service Manager, Outward Bound Wilderness Instructor, Camp Director, Professional Consultant. Jonathan brings his experiences, observation skills, expertise in Jungian Typology, understanding of generational differences, and most importantly, his passion to the work.

Jonathan earned his BA in English Literature from Hamilton College, Clinton, NY.

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