Kristina Wile

Kristina Wile


Kristina Wile is a founding member of the Systems Thinking Collaborative. She has been helping organizations to apply systems thinking to design strategies and shape operational systems since 1994 when she joined GKA Incorporated. She provides strength in the complete modeling for learning process, including teaching, facilitation and simulation modeling. Prior to 1994 she received a Masters of Science degree from MIT Sloan School of Management, with a concentration in System Dynamics and Operations Management. Her thesis explored and analyzed theories of organizational change from a system dynamics perspective.

Prior to her graduate work, Kristina gained more than seven years of experience in product development in commercial, industrial, and government markets. At Adaptive Optics Associates, she worked as a project manager, systems and design engineer, managing the design and manufacture of custom electronic systems. At Polaroid Corporation, she coordinated the transfer of products from R&D to manufacturing. Kris has a Bachelor’s degree in electronics and computer engineering.

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