Lee Froschheiser

Lee Froschheiser


Lee Froschheiser’s background spans 30 years, holding positions as President and Regional Vice President in differing companies, managing all aspects of business operations, providing consulting to a broad range of businesses, and working in the public sector in the field of education.
He has developed and conducted training curriculum for all aspects of business operations. Lee provides a wide span of consulting and management development programs that include implementation of the MAP Management System, leadership training, skills development workshops for staff and executive strategic planning retreats.
Lee served on the board of directors for several associations and financial institutions. He was a faculty member in the Nebraska public school sector and the University of Phoenix. Lee is the author of MAP’s best selling book, Vital Factors: The Secret To Transforming Your Business And Your Life, published by Jossey-Bass. The book is driven by a lively, compelling narrative that features the real-life stories of men and women who explain how the MAP system totally transformed their businesses and their lives.

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