Lisa Kimball


Dr. Lisa Kimball is President/CEO of Plexus Institute, a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to fostering the health of individuals, families, communities, organizations, and our natural environment by helping people and organizations use concepts emerging from the new science of complexity. Lisa creates and facilitates educational and research programs. She serves as a senior consultant on projects and initiatives to develop and apply methodologies to engage stakeholders in large-scale change efforts. She has worked for more than 30 years with clients including government agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions to design and facilitate organizational change and development efforts. Lisa is certified as a professional facilitator and has deep experience using a wide range of engagement processes she calls “liberating structures.” For the past three years she has been working with hospitals and health care facilities applying these innovative methodologies to the problem of eliminating transmission of hospital acquired “superbug” infections in projects funded by Robert Wood Johnson, the Center for Disease Control, and the US Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. She has trained consultants and coaches as well as designed and developed materials to support hospital teams to use and train others to use innovative quality improvement methods. She is currently working with the US Army on the faculty of a leadership program for high potential officers and executives. Prior to joining Plexus, Lisa was Executive Producer of Group Jazz where she specialized in bringing together the best tools, technologies, media, consultants, cast members and practitioners to create great group experiences that supported action whether the group met face-to-face. She also worked on the team that developed the launch of the US Senior Executive Service (SES). She earned her Ph.D. Educational Psychology – Cognition and Learning from The Catholic University of America (awarded with distinction) Dissertation: The Nature of Expertise in Senior Executives; The Role of Systems Thinking.

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Liberating Structures: A New Pattern Language for Engagement

“We change the culture by changing the nature of conversation. It’s about choosing conversations that have the power to create the future.” — Peter…