Scott Spann

Scott Spann


Scott is working to create deep, lasting impact in Business and in Society. His work is inspired by his experience with business leaders – trying to do the right thing in complex, competitive situations; his work with Social leaders in NGO’s and government – seeking to satisfy diverse stakeholders in ways that benefit the whole; his career as a Rolfer and trauma psychotherapist – witnessing people recover from the injuries that life and humanity too often deal us; and his time in nature as a cowboy, hunter and sailor. Scott’s experiences range from consulting with Arthur Andersen & Co. to launching the Texas office of the Nature Conservancy; serving as Managing Vice President of RPC, a small national consulting firm to leading the Rolf Institute as Executive Director; Vice President for ARC, International, a global consulting firm specializing in leadership development and cultural change to working for Stone Yamashita Partners, a leading branding and strategy firm. And he continues to learn by working with Business and Social leaders through Innate Strategies.

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