Sharon Eakes

Sharon Eakes


For the past 20 years Sharon Eakes has been both a life coach and an executive coach. She also trains coaches through the Arbinger Institute. Her specialties are cultivating resilience and productive, satisfying relationships both personally and professionally. Her 2015 book, Fresh Views on Resilient Living is a collection of the best of 15 years of the oft-quoted blog, Fresh Views. She has also co-authored a book with Nancy Smyth to be released later this year titled Chocolate or Lunch, How Choices Impact Relationships. In previous lives, Sharon has been a therapist and, for 20 years, the Clinical Director of a drug and alcohol treatment system named one of the top 10 in the country by Forbes Magazine. She also co-authored a book with her late husband, Hal Williamson, titled Liberating Greatness, the Whole Brain Guide to an Extraordinary Life. With a Master’s degree in Psychology, she has been a college instructor of psychology.
Sharon has presented at numerous national conferences and has been a frequent guest on radio and TV. She is deeply interested in relationships, systems thinking, ethical business practices, spirituality, learning, art, the brain, humor, giving back, and staying healthy and happy into old age. A native of northern California, Sharon transplanted to the Pittsburgh area for graduate school and never left. This enthusiastic grandma lives in a cottage on the Ohio River with her quirky cat Bonkers.

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