Steve Peterson

Steve Peterson


Steve’s work focuses on advancing the art and science of dynamic modeling. Steve’s client work over the past 10 years has applied dynamic modeling in a diverse array of topic areas, including strategy design, personnel management, finance, marketing analysis, and business process improvement. He has worked in a wide range of industry, government, and non-profit settings. His project work typically integrates dynamic modeling, group facilitation, and data analysis to help groups come to a common understanding of the dynamics of proposed initiatives.
Before joining the Lexidyne team, Steve worked with Barry Richmond at High Performance Systems, Inc. (now isee systems, Inc.), where he played a lead role in the design and development of the iThink and STELLA software tools. Additionally, Steve played a prominent role in client engagements and in the design and delivery of workshops focusing on the practical application of dynamic modeling principles.
In addition to his work at Lexidyne, Steve serves on the adjunct faculty at Dartmouth College, where he teaches a popular course in system dynamics modeling at the Thayer School of Engineering.


  • BA, Economics, Colorado College, 1980
  • MS, Resource Systems and Policy Design, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, 1983

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