William N. Isaacs

William N. Isaacs


William Isaacs is Founder and President of Dialogos, a leadership consulting and strategy development firm based in Cambridge, MA. He co-founded the Organizational Learning Center at MIT and is a Senior Lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He is the author of Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together, which has been translated into many languages, and was featured in Fast Company as a guide to “the secret of good informal conversation.” It has been acclaimed by a variety of reviewers as the definitive guide to profound change through speaking and listening. It is also frequently cited and used as a central guide to the practice of dialogue in settings around the world. For the past 30 years Dr. Isaacs has advised heads of organizations and governments on how to produce transformative results and leave a legacy of a new form of leadership. His focus is on raising the level of dialogue and collective leadership, reducing polarization and cross boundary conflict, and producing large scale transformative change–in settings ranging from energy and technology firms, union-management conflicts, safety breakdowns in high hazard industries, strategic and culture change in global settings, and corporate, national and regional strategy. He has worked with leaders at every level – ranging from CEO’s and their teams, Prime Ministers and their cabinets, corporate senior leadership teams to front line leaders. Isaacs has taught dialogue, the principles of identity based leadership, and generative change to thousands of corporate executives, development professionals, and national and policy leaders around the world. His work is featured in the curriculum of many programs and courses on dialogue and leadership. His current research focuses on identity based transformation, and the challenges of building the capacity for transformative change in organizations and societies. His recent projects include conducting a dialogue process with the most senior political leaders of Nepal on national energy and economic strategy, creating a vision for South Asia with a group of current and former senior officials, and advising the CEO and Senior Team of a major pharmaceutical company. Dr. Isaacs received an A.B. in policy studies from Dartmouth College, a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics, and a M.Phil. and D.Phil from Oxford University. He lives in the Boston area.

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