Zaid Hassan

Zaid Hassan


Zaid is the co-founder of Reos Partners, a social innovation Zaid Hassanconsultancy that addresses complex, high-stakes challenges around the world. Reos helps teams of stakeholders work together on their toughest challenges.

Zaid has over a decade of experience in developing strategic responses to complex social challenges, including aboriginal issues, climate change, child malnutrition, employment, energy, financial systems, global food systems, and security issues.

He has a background in technology and communications. Zaid left university where he was studying physics to join the .com boom, where he set up his own company, Anthropic, which focused on both the delivery of new media and the social implications of technology. He has extensive start-up experience, including serving for two years as Chief Technology Office for smartchange, a .com nonprofit start-up.

Zaid is Strategic Advisor to a number of organizations. He is a Guest Lecturer at the KaosPilots, an innovative business school in Denmark. Zaid is an alumnus of the University of Oxford, where over 2009-10 he was an Associate Fellow of The Institute of Science, Innovation and Society, at the Said Business School. Zaid writes for various publications. He was a contributor to the best selling book, Worldchanging: A User’s Guide.

A native Londoner, Zaid grew up in Bombay, New Delhi, Abu Dhabi and London. He currently lives in Oxford.

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