Bill Harris

Bill Harris


He teaches graduate courses in systems dynamics at several colleges and universities. Bill has observed companies for over 30 years as an engineer, manager, and internal and external consultant and facilitator. He has worked in a 4,000 employee European company, a Fortune 50 multinational, and a Fortune 500 high tech company, filling roles in R&D, Manufacturing, Quality, and Finance and Administration. To spread the word about simulation-based systems thinking (system dynamics), he wrote an interactive column for Pegasus Communications.

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Introducing Systems Thinking into Your Organization

So you’ve read The Fifth Discipline, attended the Pegasus “Systems Thinking in Action” Conference, bought simulation software, and created your first computer models. You’re…

System Dynamics on a Shoestring

Perhaps you’ve read about system dynamics but not been ready to invest in a commercial simulator to test your ideas. Perhaps you use a…

Systems Thinking: The Bigger Picture

As a professional systems thinker and system dynamicist, I sometimes wonder why more people don’t see value in simulation models for learning and insight.