David Horne


David Horne, is co-Director of Human Dynamics International, and a director of the Human Dynamics Institute. Initially a student of literature, he subsequently became immersed in issues of education and psychology. In 1957 he became associated with Dr. Marianne Frostig, one of the early pioneers in the field of special education, and served at the Marianne Frostig Center of Educational Therapy in Los Angeles for twenty seven years as a therapist, child and family counselor, researcher, writer, maker of professional training films, and administrator. In 1984 he attended a seminar conducted by Dr. Sandra Seagal which set him on a new path of pioneering endeavor. He immediately recognized the extraordinary significance of Sandra’s discoveries regarding human functioning for education, parenting, quality of family life, cross-cultural understanding, and right human relationships wherever people interact. He also realized that many of the children referred to the Frostig Center as having some form of “learning disability” were not in fact learning disabled at all. The problem was rather that their teachers [had a “teaching disability” in that they] did not understand the particular learning processes natural to these students, or how to adapt their teaching approaches accordingly. To the degree that the teachers at the Frostig Center were successful in teaching these children, it was not, as they thought, because they were successfully remedying a disability, but because they happened to use teaching techniques that “fitted” how these perfectly normal children naturally learned. This is a crucial distinction, with profound implications for how children who encounter difficulty in learning in school view themselves and are viewed by others. The consequences affect the rest of their lives. David therefore left the Frostig Center to join Sandra on her journey – in the process acquiring a wife as well as a colleague! His previous training and experience has enabled him to help expand and refine the body of knowledge now known as Human Dynamics®; to co-create the various training programs based upon that body of knowledge; and to produce the hundreds of videotapes of infants, children and adults that illustrate the distinct personality dynamics that Human Dynamics identifies, both as a research base and as central material in the various Human Dynamics training programs. Sandra and David have traveled regularly to many parts of the U.S. and the world to conduct seminars for organizations, to train educators, and to train new facilitators of Human Dynamics programs. They have also “planted seeds” through public seminars and presentations at symposia and conferences internationally. Between trips they have managed to co-author a number of articles on Human Dynamics and its various applications, as well as the book: “Human Dynamics: A New Framework for Understanding People and Realizing the Potential in our Organizations.” David, together with Sandra Seagal, donated 1.5 hours of interview to Legacy.

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