David Todd

David Todd


David is Managing Director at Synergia. He joined in 1999 and has since worked across a wide range of health and social care environments. Between 2004 and 2010 David lived in the UK where he co-founded Symmetric SD Ltd, a small consulting company focused on health and social care projects. David’s emphasis was on delivering projects in mental health and social care including support for over 40 primary care organisations implementing primary care mental health services across England. Over the same period he assisted numerous local authorities to implement personalised services for disabled people requiring social care support. In particular he led the development of Resource Allocation Systems, a technical process that changed the way resources were allocated to individuals requiring support from an hours and services based model to a personal budget approach. Since returning to New Zealand David has contributed to the planning and strategic direction of the New Zealand mental health and addiction sector through significant involvement in the Mental Health and Addiction Service Workforce review for Health Workforce NZ. He also played an integral part in the Synergia team that assisted the New Zealand Mental Health Commission to develop Blueprint II for the mental health and addiction sector. He has supported redesign projects in palliative care, primary care mental health and Whanau Ora. David leads Synergia’s information technology workstreams via the in house development platform Informis (www.informis.co.nz). Informis is used to develop and run a number of online applications for clients.

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