David Rees


David is committed to helping organizations and communities apply systems thinking to social change. He is the author of the forthcoming book Systems Thinking for Social Change: Getting to the Heart of the Matter (Chelsea Green Publishers) and of over 30 articles and book chapters including many in “The Systems Thinker”. Together with his wife Marilyn Paul, he has written and consulted on how to reduce managerial and organizational overload, as well as authored an article on ‘The Learning Family’. David is a charter member of the Society for Organizational Learning and a frequent speaker at the Systems Thinking in Action Conference. He is a graduate of MIT and the University of Michigan with degrees in city planning and civil engineering.

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Creating a Comprehensive System of Inquiry

Acentral tenant of system dynamics is the need to model the problem and not the system. As John Sterman points out in his book…

Anchoring Model Development in Causal Loop Diagrams

As a consultant working in the field of systems thinking, I am continually amazed by the ease with which people are able to read…