David Venter

David Venter


David successfully managed a large government department during South Africa’s transition from apartheid to democracy, established negotiation training and consulting companies and has taught thousands of students across four continents. David brings to teaching and coaching well-grounded knowledge of human behaviour, and a wealth of negotiation and conflict resolution experience spanning most public and private sector disciplines. Having taught extensively in Africa, Europe and Asia, he has developed a sensitivity for and understanding of culture as an important determinant of business success in a global economy. Over the past 20 years he has, apart from his well-proven teaching expertise displayed considerable entrepreneurial skills in, establishing numerous negotiation training and consulting companies, and very successfully restructuring numerous companies. The legacy he is leaving by virtue of his different teaching and coaching endeavours has spawned a constant steam of testimonials from course participants that have derived great vocational and personal benefit. Furthermore, he has, together with the highly respected international expert on creativity and innovation, Dr Kobus Neethling, inspired governments and corporates to adopt innovative new ways of approaching their business.

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