Herman Van den Broeck

Herman Van den Broeck


Herman studied at Lancaster University (UK). As a psychologist he is interested in mankind’s nature. Leadership, decision making, change… very intriguing processes. He was Chair Holder of the Belgacom Chair ‘Organisations that last’. He especially is interested in how learning and developing will take place in the future. Rabobank, J&J, Le Pain Quotidien, SWIFT, KBC… are companies he lately has worked with. South Africa became one of his favourite places to teach. Herman Van den Broeck is Doctor in Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences and Partner of Vlerick Business School. He is Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University. He studied at Lancaster University, UK. His main interests are cognitive styles, social and emotional intelligence and leadership. His latest book (together with David Venter) “Beyonders. Transcending Average Leadership” is an excellent illustration of his thinking!

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On Becoming a Beyonder!

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