Deborah Gilburg

Deborah Gilburg


Deborah is committed to helping leaders and their people increase their individual and collective capacity to thrive in increasingly diverse, complex and interdependent environments. An accomplished facilitator, negotiator, teacher and communications expert, and skilled in Jungian Typology, Deborah brings to her consulting work both a love for strategy and a deep commitment to personal mastery. As a skilled practitioner of adult learning and participatory processes like World Café and Open Space Technology, Deborah facilitates interactive, accelerated learning experiences with groups that promote inclusion, improve trust, foster knowledge sharing, and increase adaptive and collaborative problem solving capabilities so needed in organizations today. Deborah strives to inspire leaders at all levels to fully embrace the human systems that power their organizations — amplifying strengths, illuminating blind spots, and discovering the wisdom and possibility within the collective. Deborah earned a J.D. at Suffolk University Law School and a B.A. in Psychology at Trinity College, Hartford, CT.

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