Doug Stilwell

Doug Stilwell


Dr. Doug Stilwell currently serves as assistant professor of educational leadership at Drake University. Prior to that his roles as a 35-year public educator included teacher, principal, director of human resources, and most recently superintendent of the Urbandale Community School District in Urbandale, Iowa. Prompted by new learning about the work of Dr. Deming, initially facilitated by David Langford, upon being named superintendent of Urbandale in 2010 Doug led and facilitated district-wide efforts focused on systemic continual improvement to increase student learning, engagement, and satisfaction as well as overall organizational effectiveness. Over the past two years the results of the systemic improvements included the highest levels of student achievement in reading and math in 17 years. Among his other responsibilities at Drake University, Doug teaches graduate courses for aspiring leaders in organizational systems and advanced systems leadership. He is currently a member of the Iowa Quality Center’s board of directors. Doug’s presentation focuses on “Driving out Fear” in organizations. Participants will learn about the biological underpinnings of fear and stress, their impact on people’s health and performance, and how to address these issues in organizations using a systems approach.

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