Elaine Millam

Elaine Millam


Dr. Elaine R. Millam has spent over thirty years in various leadership positions working as a change agent, educator, executive coach and business executive. She served as an executive in Human Resources and Organizational Development for over 25 years, working in a Fortune 50 organization, where she received several key awards, including the coveted Lund Award, for excellence in people development. She is an adjunct faculty member of The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, the University of St. Thomas and Argosy University where she teaches leadership development, strategic change and organization effectiveness. She is a published author on facilitation, performance management, leader as coach, change leadership, team effectiveness and workforce design. She has authored Women as Soul Leaders: Integrating the Inner and Outer and is the co-author of a second leadership book, Leadership for Engineers: The Magic of Mindset aimed at science and technical professionals. Elaine has been the owner of her own firm for the past 15 years, specializing in leadership development and multi-rater (360 degree) feedback, strategic planning and team & organizational effectiveness. She has designed and delivered numerous team-learning experiences, using peer group coaching as an explicit learning mechanism. She has designed and delivered several educational programs aimed at helping leaders step into their wholeness in order to create significant contributions in their workplaces. Her coaching work is focused on helping clients achieve positive, long-term change in leadership behavior as well as a plan for realizing their future vision. She recently established a new Non-Profit organization, Graceful Passages, which focuses on helping people face the end of life in a conscious and compassionate manner. Elaine was certified as a Master Coach with the International Coaching Federation in 2007, originally being certified at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barabara. She collaborates with many other organizations as a partner or member to serve a mutual client base. Some of these organizations include the ALEXCEL Group, Learning in Action, People Process Solutions, and Carson Greil Group, LLC. Elaine’s client base includes many global Fortune 100 organizations, including Sandia Labs, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Medtronic, Agilent, Goodrich, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Target, Caterpillar, Abbott Labs, Boeing, Cummins Engines, Land O Lakes, Pharmecia, Eli Lilly, Marathon Oil, Guidant, Lockheed Martin. Other clients include RSM McGladrey, National Cancer Institute, Boston Globe, CalOptima, General Mills, ING, The Office of Naval Research, amid a host of other medium and large organizations in almost every industry. She presently works with Hospice organizations to bring compassionate care to patients and staff alike. She is leading many unique seminars, workshops and educational programs aimed at maximizing their experiences as they consciously age. Elaine is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with majors in education and social work, a double Master’s in Educational Psychology and Industrial Relations and a doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of St. Thomas. She is also a member of several professional organizations, too many to name. Elaine’s style reflects her people orientation, professionalism and commitment to excellence, respect and authenticity.

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