Jeff Clanon

Jeff Clanon


Jeff Clanon is a Founding Partner of Systems Perspectives LLC and also a founding consultant member and former Director of Partnership Development for SoL, The Society for Organizational Learning. SoL is a non-profit, member governed organization chaired by Peter Senge. It is dedicated to building knowledge about fundamental institutional change through integrating research, capacity building, and the practical application of organizational learning theory and methods. SoL evolved from the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT where Jeff was the Executive Director for five years.

Working with the members of SoL, which include private and public sector organizations such as Shell, Nissan, Ford, AT&T, Boeing, the Department of Defense DoD as well as researchers and consultants, Jeff has focused on discovering, teaching, and implementing theory and practice in the area of organizational learning. He is particularly interested in leadership as systemic phenomena and its implications for senior managers as they create and sustain work environments, which facilitate learning, tap intrinsic motivation and generate effective, collaborative action.

In addition to his work with organizational members of SoL, over the past 10 years Jeff has focused on teaching, coaching and consulting with leaders and management teams in academic institutions, Federal Government agencies including the US Department of Education, NASA, and the National Security Agency and the World Bank Group. Jeff was responsible for establishing SoL’s executive coaching business, which has coached over 350 executives and managers in both the public and private sectors. Jeff is a Leadership Agility 360-certified coach and is currently the facilitation and change management consultant for the Initiative on Mass Atrocity and Genocide at Tufts University.

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