Jim Ollhoff

Jim Ollhoff


I’m a program director at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, a top-tier university located in Winona, Minneapolis, and Rochester. When I’m not there, I write, teach college courses, consult, and a variety of other things.

I have a PhD in Education and a Master’s in the area of social psychology. I’ve been certified as a family life educator, a marriage enrichment educator, and I have a black belt in Karate (and various colors of belts in other martial arts). Some of my areas of interest are creativity, teaching and learning, and leadership.

In the past, I’ve been an assistant professor of organizational management, an associate dean of human services, a director of Christian education, an editor, family life educator, entrepreneur, and had a variety of other roles.

I’ve taught courses in creativity, educational research, leadership, ethics, wellness, organizational behavior, child development, and family science.

Personal hobbies include healthy cooking, genealogy, reading, lawn work, working out, and being a husband and father.

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