Robert Dickman

Robert Dickman


Robert Dickman is known as a mirror for hire. He holds up a mirror to leaders who are unafraid to look at themselves as a way to improve their communication and leadership skills. Collaborating with senior management teams, he has coached in, and developed workshops for clients at, The United States Naval Post Graduate School, Ford Motor Company, California Academy of Science, and Aramark among others. He has lead his seminar, “Story as Leadership, Story as Strategy,” throughout the U.S. with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to rapidly expanding small business enterprises. As a thought leader in the field of narrative communication, he writes often. His recent book, The Elements of Persuasion (HarperCollins), co-authored with Richard Maxwell, was nominated as one of the top business books of 2007 and has been translated into 15 languages. He has also written articles for The Systems Thinking Journal and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Reflections Journal. Robert holds a BA from Goddard College and is a graduate of the Hudson Institute’s program in organizational coaching and is certified as a coach by The International Coaching Federation. He is a member of The Society for Organizational Learning’s community of coaching practitioners. He brings a unique, entertaining and pragmatic perspective to how leaders can create and successfully communicate new ideas. Discussing his skill at getting great performances out of even the most difficult talent, and helping to prepare writers and directors for the pressures of press tours, two-time Academy Award Winner Gene Hackman said, “Bob is a powerful and intuitive coach. If you want to change fast, work with him.”

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