Danah Zohar

Danah Zohar


Danah Zohar is a management thought leader, physicist, philosopher and author. Her best-selling books include Spiritual Capital: Wealth We Can Live By and SQ – Spiritual Intelligence, The Ultimate Intelligence, which constitute ground-breaking work on SQ, spiritual intelligence and spiritual capital; ReWiring the Corporate Brain, The Quantum Society and The Quantum Self, previous work which extends the language and principles of quantum physics into a new understanding of human consciousness, psychology and social organization, particularly the organization of companies.

Danah regularly speaks at leadership forums and works with corporate leadership teams worldwide. She has worked with the leadership initiatives of both local and national governments. Her mission is to help create a sustainable future for society through the development of corporate and organizational leadership, purpose and motivation.

Danah Zohar was born and educated in the United States. She studied Physics and Philosophy at MIT, and did her postgraduate work in Philosophy, Religion & Psychology at Harvard University. Described by the Financial Times and Prentice Hall as “one of the world’s greatest management thinkers”, Danah has engaged with senior management at organizations including The Swedish Forestry Commission, Volvo, Astra Pharmaceutical, Werner Lambert Pharmaceutical, Philip Morris Tobacco, Marks & Spencer, Shell, British Telecom, Motorola, Philips, Norwich Union Financial Services, Merita Financial Services (Finland), Skandia Insurance and Financial Services, The Bank of International Settlements, Scottish Enterprise, Fife Enterprise, BMW, McCann Erikson, Coca Cola, and McKinsey. She was on the faculty of Shell UK’s “Challenges for Change” senior management training program and has addressed the leadership team of Shell USA’s transformation process for senior management. She recently worked with McKinsey’s new global spiritual intelligence training initiative. Danah Zohar is currently writing a new book, Quantum Intelligence, which aims to be the culmination of her life’s work. Danah currently lives in Oxford, England with her extended family.

Danah Zohar lectures widely throughout the world at conferences organized by UNESCO, The European Cultural Foundation, The Davos World Economic Forum, The World Business Academy, YPO, IFTDO (the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations), the British Cabinet Office, Japan’s Council for the Growth of Future Generations, The American National Education Association (NEA), Britain’s Work Foundation, and the Australian National Government. She has addressed members of The Swedish National Parliament and has worked with local government representatives and educators in several countries.

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