Daniel Aronson

Daniel Aronson


Daniel Aronson is the founder of Sustainability OS, which provides technology tools that make sustainability management efforts more effective and 20x faster. Prior to that, he researched, wrote about, and consulted on the environment, social responsibility, and innovation for over 20 years. During his consulting career, he led sustainability strategy consulting for Deloitte and for IBM, and he worked with companies in apparel, health care, telecommunications, rail transportation, media, retail, high technology, financial services and many other industries. Daniel has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School’s class on strategic corporate citizenship and MIT’s Sustainability Lab, has had his research used to organize the sustainable supply chain community of practice of one of the world’s largest ($250B+) supply chains, and has been asked by a government environmental agency about the use of findings from his work to inform sustainability standards. Daniel has also authored and been interviewed for numerous publications; examples include how sustainability drives innovation, what sustainable value chain practices lead to success, and ‘hard wiring’ sustainability into organizations. He serves on a board committee of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association and as a member of the Social Responsibility Advisory Board of the American Society for Quality, the US home for ISO 26000. Representative clients: NIKE, Johnson & Johnson, Autodesk, Philips. Daniel holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a BA with High Honors from UC Berkeley. He lives in the New York City area.

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