David Isaacs

David Isaacs


David Isaacs is President of Clearing Communications, an organizational leadership and strategy consultancy. He has served as a line executive managing crisis and transition and as a personal coach and “thinking partner” with business leaders and leadership teams, accompanying them as they embrace the challenges of unprecedented change and transformation. Client systems served have included. Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Sanofi-Aventis.

David is co-founder of The World Café Community Foundation, an educational network whose primary purpose is to support the convening and hosting of strategic conversations on behalf of life-affirming futures. The World Café approach to large scale dialogue is being used in corporate, community, government, NGO, and multi-stakeholder settings on six continents. He has been engaged in teaching, coaching and mentoring with innovative learning programs with University of Texas/ San Antonio Business School (Executive MBA), St. Mary’s University (MA Leadership), California Institute of Integral Studies, and the Kaos Pilots University (Denmark/US). An award-winning book, The World Café: Shaping our Futures through Conversations that Matter, co-authored with Juanita Brown and the World Café Community, illuminates key design principles for accessing mutual intelligence around complex issues.

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