Nancy Margulies

Nancy Margulies


Nancy began developing her visual recording technique in 1984. Since then she has worked with corporations and educational groups worldwide. Using images and key words she captures all the key elements of presentations and dialogues. These images are then used to review and share after the event. Nancy photographs all her work and provides the client with digital files to email or post on their website.

Nancy facilitates visioning sessions and presents ideas using her unique form of graphic representation, Mindscaping. After decades of visually recording she developed skills in event design and facilitation.

As one of one of the original practitioners of The World Café, working with Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, Nancy hosts Cafés throughout the world for graduate schools, corporations, universities and community groups.

In India, as the group gathered with the Dalai Lama, she led a World Café and visually recorded the events. The trip is featured in the documentary, Dalai Lama Renaissance.

Nancy has collaborated with Meg Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science, for many years. She and Wheatley developed a deck of cards called, Developing Healthy Communities. In addition, Nancy has also worked with President Clinton and the Cabinet and facilitated workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey, South Africa and India and taught for two “Green MBA” programs: BGI and Presidio School of Management.

In addition to working live with clients, Nancy provides visual recording via web conferencing. She shares her screen with all participants so that everyone can watch as the visuals are recorded. This process was used by a global group at P&G to collectively develop an new logo.

Nancy also designs logos, and presentations to make the usual PowerPoint much more visually compelling.

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