Eric Vogt

Eric Vogt


In 1990, Mr. Vogt co-founded the InterClass Network, a research consortium of twelve large corporations exploring innovations at the intersection of business strategy and human performance. Mr. Vogt also designs and facilitates innovative leadership development programs in four continents and in two languages.

Mr. Vogt began his career as a corporate strategy consultant with The Boston Consulting Group. Over a period of seven years, Mr. Vogt developed strategies for clients ranging from major manufacturing firms to the Country of Sweden. Subsequently he joined the faculty of the Harvard Business School where he taught International Economics in the MBA program. In 1983, Mr. Vogt founded MicroMentor, Inc., an award-winning firm in the design and development of interactive multimedia learning. MicroMentor merged with Omega Performance in 1997, and subsequently, Mr. Vogt became Omega’s Chief Learning Officer. In 1999, Eric left Omega to found Communispace Corporation, a company that is now a leader in the Consumer Insight business,

providing the technology and services for highly-targeted consumer communities engaged in creative thinking and high-speed feedback to corporate marketers. Earlier in his career, Lt. Vogt served as the Combat Information Officer aboard the USS Dewey (DLG-14) in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War.

Mr. Vogt has also served as founder and two-term president of the Massachusetts Computer Software Council, vice chair of the Board of Bay State Skills Corporation, and Omega Performance, and overseer of the Boston Museum of Science. He is a member of the Common Angels, a high-tech seed capital group developing young entrepreneurs. Mr. Vogt has been a featured speaker at numerous forums, and frequently consults with clients seeking innovation, or accelerated change.

Mr. Vogt’s publications include “A Framework for Swedish Industrial Policy,” Liberforlag, Stockholm, 1979, “The Art and Architecture of Powerful Questions” 1994 Corporate Learning Journal, “The Nature of Work in 2010” appearing in the 1995 The Aspen Institute Journal and “Learning out of Context,” published in Learning Organizations 1997 and “The Economics of Knowledge” which appears in SmartBusiness, 1999, “The Art of Powerful Questions; catalyzing insight, innovation, and action,” Pegasus Communications, 2003, and he composed the music and French lyrics to the official anthem of the Grand Conseil du Vin de Bordeaux, “Bordeaux, Toujours, Bordeaux.”

Mr. Vogt earned an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School and graduated cum laude from Harvard College with a BA degree in Linguistics and Applied Mathematics. As a boy, he lived among the Maya Indians in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. He currently resides in Belmont, MA, with his wife, Robin, and so far, has survived three sons.

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